Our process. Our process.

We do everything for you. Our highly specialised team will project manage every step. From the initial creative concept to Council works (if required), to the exciting interiors fitout, right through to the amazing installation.

Preliminary Design

  • Introduction

    We’d love to hear what you have in mind and how we can make those plans come to life.

    Once you’re ready to pop in, please click here to book a free consultation in our office. This dynamic 1-1.5hr session provides an overview of our super easy step-by-step process, time frames, fee structure, and total project costings. By the end, you’ll be well briefed, signed up, and ready to schedule your site visit with one of our qualified architects.

    ArchiBlox has an impressive and award winning approach to modular design, and this flexibility perfectly lends itself to providing exceptional results in the field of residential as well as commercial architecture. We don’t believe in one size fits all, as we respect that each exciting project comes with its own wealth potential, and of course its own technical guidelines, parameters, and deadlines. So we are committed to ensuring the needs of each individual project are met, no matter the scale of commercial works. And so far we have a diverse range of absolutely delighted clients and collaborations.

    For examples of our completed commercial work, click here.

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  • Site Visit & Preliminary Design Package

    Congratulations on engaging the leaders of prefab, ArchiBlox. Let’s get started!

    We'll be sending an ArchiBlox Architect to assess your site and surrounds. We’ll also spend quality time discussing either your selected ‘Smart Design’, or your personalised direction for a Custom Design. Please share all of your inspirations and/or concerns so that we can translate this information thoughtfully for you.

    Only 2 weeks later we'll be ready to present an impressive design package! This includes 3D external renders, the standard ArchiBlox specifications and any upgrades integrated so far, and also a breakdown of costings which have factored in the external consultants and reports required.

    The charge for this incredible and qualified Architectural Service is only $3,395 (VIC), $5,695 (NSW, ACT, SA, QLD, TAS) and $7,275 (WA/NT).

  • Revisions

    With a Custom direction, we're now able to invite your list of commentary and begin making some adjustments to ensure you feel it is perfect for you. We're happy to provide upto two rounds of revisions, free of charge. You can rest at ease knowing that costings are also updated each time.

    Note with a Smart Design, we don’t delay with revisions as we’ve already pre-prepared the super functional and very stylish floorplan. This is how ArchiBlox is able to offer such outstanding pricing. We’ll leapfrog Stage 3 Revisions and jump straight into Stage 4 or 5 for you. So efficient!

Documentation & Contracts

  • Town Planning or Development Approval (if required)

    This step does not apply to all clients. If your particular site needs to go through a formal council approval process, ArchiBlox will diligently prepare all of this documentation and submit on your behalf, so that you don’t have to manage the works yourself. We’ll also coordinate any other relevant surveys and reports that may be applicable in your case.

    Once submitted, we tend to anticipate a 3 month approval, however this can depend on various factors and often take longer.

    If your site does not require this council approvals, we can bypass Stage 4 and leap straight into Stage 5. (For interstate clients, this means we’re happy to bypass DA and proceed with CDC, where possible)

    The average cost of managing these works for a 3 bedroom project are approx. $10,000 - $20,000. (Needs to be calculated per project.)

  • Interior Design and Engineering

    This is the inspiring and creative finish line you've been dancing towards! Our high end in-house Interior Designer will guide you through a stunning array of finishes and fixtures to help you achieve the exact look you are after. Our goal is to provide all the design expertise and guidance so that you don't feel overwhelmed by the options.

    Whilst the specifications are being finalised with your interiors, we'll also be coordinating the last few reports in the background, along with the final consultants and engineering. Not long to go now!

    (Costing for this Architectural Documentation is calculated per project)

  • Contracts

    Congratulations again! We’ll now compile all of the finalised documentation into a reliable HIA contract for you. This will capture all warranties and insurances for your peace of mind. Once signed off, we can handover carefully with the facility team, and commence the build.

Construction & Delivery

  • Construction

    ArchiBlox is proud to formally produce the highest quality prefabricated construction in all of Victoria.

    We’re quick too! So hold onto your seats, the build will be over before you know it! Our Smart Designs only take 8-12 weeks to build in our facility. (Custom Designs may take longer, depending on the scale and complexity.)

    You'll be liaising directly with your friendly Project Manager who will be keeping you posted with progress updates, photos, and phone calls along the way. Your Project Manager will also happily coordinate a visit to the facility if you wish to take a sneak peak.

    Costings for this stage of work will be much like other builds you’ve experienced, and will be broken down as follows. Building Deposit (5%), base stage (10%), frame stage (15%), roofing (10%), windows (10%), lock up (20%), internal linings (5%), joinery (7.5%), and carpentry (10%).

  • Delivery & Handover

    Welcome home! Our ArchiBlox experts will only spend a single day craning your house in, and only a couple of weeks ticking off the finishing touches, services connections, and outdoor decking (if applicable).

    You can now take your kids by the hand as we give you the guided tour through your inspiring and architecturally completed home. The design and detail will be exactly as you’d requested, and the regular guidance will have made the process an absolute breeze.

    We’re always just a phone call away, should you wish to ask any questions during your 90-day defects period. Most often though, we hear from your friends and family that are now excited to begin discussing their own project ideas. Having achieved another beautiful build, we thank you for our creative time together.

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