Carbon Positive

Carbon Positive.

Maximising passive design strategies and creating spaces that flow through every sense.

Prefab Homes & Modular Homes

Prefab Homes & Modular Homes

Prefab Homes & Modular Homes

The Carbon Positive House (CPH) has been created to free us of modern day lifelines and make significant contributions to society. Developed and created through innovative design sensitivities and new technologies, the Carbon Positive House moves beyond carbon zero by making additional ‘positive’ contributions, producing more energy on-site than the building requires. Inside, the carbon-positive (or energy-generating) home features an indoor garden, lots of windows, and cooling tubes that force cool air from the earth into the home. Outside, homeowners will enjoy the benefits of solar panels and mechanisms that recycle old water for reuse. The end result: A home that emits just 1,016 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime--or the equivalent of taking about 270 cars off the road and planting 6,989 native trees.

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