Prefabricated Residential House Designs

We've got all bases covered.

Our Base Range is a series of paired back family homes that connect us to place. These simplified, low-maintenance designs, provide a home base to support you through the complexities of life. With a back to basics approach, each design is crafted to be big on function & comfort with a reduction in excess & dead space. Whatever your tribe looks like we have a home base for you.

Architecturally designed & based on minimalist principles, these homes are perfect for carefree living

This is the perfect range for those who understand that simplicity is where true beauty, efficiency and functionality find a home. Built in as little as 12 - 20 weeks* by our allied construction partner, our homes appear at your doorstep fully built with impressive standard inclusions, anywhere* across Australia.

*Please note our Base Designs take approx. 12-20 weeks to build in our facility depending on design and the capacity in the facility at the time . *The Archiblox Group will advise if any modifications are applicable, pending a site assessment. *Costings may vary.

Designed smarter to go up faster.

Through a mindful approach as both architect and builder, we can create truly impressive architectural homes. Our beautifully crafted ‘Smart Range’ homes are prefabricated to maximise efficiency, minimise time frames and streamline the entire process. These unique homes respect and reflect the personalities within them and the stunning nature around them.

Flexibility is the true strength of modular architecture.

Every site presents its own challenges and opportunities. Our 'Custom homes' use the 'Smart range' as a starting point, with the location and your preferences serving as our inspiration. We tweak and tailor the design until it’s made to fit you ­- to the location, budget and to your lifestyle. For a home every bit as unique as your lifestyle. This is your chance to create a space that’s only limited by your imagination.

*Designs can be modified for tight* and steep sloping sites, costings will vary. *Built in 12 to 20 weeks depending on design, *Custom Designs may take longer, depending on the scale and complexity.

Form meets function. And finance approves.

When it comes to modular commercial spaces, function can often come at the expense of form. But with The Archiblox Group, practical and beautiful aren’t mutually exclusive. Our collaborations with Haagen Dazs and Tesla Motors are perfect examples. We can work directly with you or in sync with your architect, to create spaces that meet the approval of your customers and your accountant.

Our prefabricated commercial buildings suit medium and high-rise residential builds, schools, kindergartens, aged-care facilities, offices, showrooms, eco resorts, and healthcare spaces.

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